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0.5 Game Design Update

Okay the basics, in the game design documents, are complete now. The Conversion/Assembling/Building rules are completed.The CSM modules concerning food & water, oxygen and energy are also completed. I just updated the infrastructures data structure tonight, and i’ll begin the heavy coding tomorrow. Design itself is far to be completed yet, but there’s enough stuff …

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0.5 Game Design Update

These last days i completed the infrastructures building system, in the game design documents, including: created the rules for the Conversion/Assembling/Building (CAB) queue  completed the calculations for colony’s building workforce, including those when a new infrastructure is in the CAB queue completed the Building rules and calculations, for determine the building duration completed infrastructures’ staff …

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0.5: Production System

I continue to making game design work about the production system itself.The production concerns the items/products that can be extracted/refined and manufactured in the game.There’s 5 classes of items: Resources: regroup all raw resources, like water or Carbonaceous Ore Energy: regroup all energy-related items, like Helium-3 Isotope or Nuclear Fission Reactors Materials: regoup all materials, …

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0.5.0: Settlements

There was no SVN update since the previous post because i updating the main game design document and the infrastructure specific table files. Infrastructures in FARC are all buildings, structures and support installations. They’re grouped in Settlements which are founded on a region. The reason of such groups is for the following purposes: – to …

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0.4.2 Completion

Yup there’s a 0.4.2, surprise ! 🙂 In fact this version doesn’t concerns the player itself but a debug tool, and not an optional one: the FUG, or FARC Universe Generator. I completed the interface with orbits generation and system type settings and added the calculations for determine the number of orbits to generate.This tool …

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0.4.1 Update Again and Completion this Weekend

The last changes are:– full shortcut keys support for the UMI/Faction tab– addition of a new CSM event (the 6th) Governmental Destabilization, which is triggered when the political system requirements aren’t met or a HeadQuarter is lost– addition of the 19th SPM item, Green Economy– Colony Panel: interface elements presentation overhaul, see the screenshots below: …

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