[dev update] PES Base User’s Interface (DONE) – PES Data Integration with the Task System (WIP)

Status of the work of May 03, for this 0.6.18 version:

  • [DONE]  FARC Universe Generator (FUG) updates and improvements.
  • [DONE] Full recalculation of the Epsilon Eridani system with the changes above.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysical System (WEAGES) induced region environmental modifiers.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysical System (WEAGES) implementation of a probability system, with specific data for each effect, to determine if and how a weather/geophysical effect will hit settlements, expeditions and armies.
  • [DONE/WIP] Addition of the seven factions of origin, including 7 additional starter star systems.
  • [WIP] Full overhaul of the planetary exploration system (PES).
  • [] Modifications in Conversion/Assembling/Building of infrastructures (new Size Indexes, REMs, new duration calculations).
  • [WIP] Infrastructure Reliability and Integrity + Integration with the WEAGES.
  • [WIP] Planetary Features & Artefacts; basic addition and generation.
  • [] Small CSM updates.
  • [] Options Window.
  • [] 100% Revamp of Messages Panels into a Messages Log Window + Rework of Messages
  • [WIP] General Improvements of the User’s Interface.
  • [WIP] Various Bug Fixes.
  • [] Knowledge Base – Session Update
  • Entities / Planetary Exloration System
    • [New: WIP] total rework of the sub-data structure concerning the expeditions for planetary exploration.
    • [New: DONE] expeditions can now have specific/custom names. It’s a player feature only (not game AI one). It can be relevant since a planetary exploration can last fairly long.
  • Graphics
    • [NOT DEV => WIP] creation of icons for the HUD button that allows access to the planetary exploration window.
  • Interface – General

    • [New: DONE] multiple updates for unified initialization of the UI components.
  • Interface / Planetary Exploration

    • [WIP => DONE] the planetary exploration system is now in its own window and not a panel anymore.
    • [WIP => DONE] total rework of the user’s interface by using the new window.
  • Interface / Population

    • [New: DONE] fix: the panel opens correctly when an object is focused with a colony and the settlement panel is openened directly.
  • Interface / Settlements

    • [New: DONE] fix: the panel opens correctly when an object is focused with a colony and the settlement panel is openened directly.
  • Planetary Exploration system (PES)

    • [WIP => DONE] removal of the current survey vehicles’ capabilities and replacement by characteristics and abilities fully compatible with the new Unified Resolution System (URES).
  • Settlements
    • [New: DONE] implementation of the base data structures and their initialization about the logistic of the settlements. More precisely; through the Projection Capability and the Logistics Channels.
  • Time Flow System (TFS)
    • [NOT DEV => WIP] addition of a new task: planetary exploration. It includes all its specific data and its full process.
  • Universe
    • [New: DONE] discovered resource spots are now located in the resource spots’ data structure of each regions, and not in the entities’ data structure.
    • [New: DONE] discovered resources spots have now an additional data to indicate the size of each discovered spot.
    • [New: DONE] exploration status /progress data are move from the entities to the resource spots’ data structure, and they are totaly revamped to support the three types of survey.

The base interface to set up an expedition is finally done, crash tested and fully working…
It has been a bit of pain since I use new user’s interface components and not all goes as you would like or so. Anyway it is done, and the good thing is that what I learnt and coded will be 100% useful for post alpha 10 when I will make the space units  designer in the alpha 11. It will use about the same elements of interface.

Obviously there will be no release by the end of April since we are already in May, so I shut my mouth and symply continuing to dev the game.

Base interface by default
New expedition with the survey type already set and a random region
What happen when the player click on one available survey unit
And when it is double-clicked a full panel is sliding for the right. It will be populated with more informations in the future, for now it is enough to setup an expedition

From now I will start to work on the task system by setting up a new task to process a geological survey.

I will also populate information feedback on the central bottom part of the PES window, with informations about the expedition and how it will run (with travel distance to the survey site and so on).


Yep, I typed it in caps because I just seen it… Anyway I’m going to do it.

When the new task and the data transfer will be complete, I will implement the process of the geological survey itself. That will imply less time wasted doing user’s interface and finally more under the hood stuff. The mass of calculations and tables will be in the game… finally.

Of course I will have to work, in the end, on the user’s interface of the Local Surface Panel to display the discovered resources spots and so on.

Fun and delays, as usual.

Thanks for your interest.

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