[dev notice] Basic Interface for New Expedition Nearly Done + Expeditions Data Implementation (WIP)

The basic interface to set up a new expedition is nearly done and there is already a partial data integration and setup of the expeditions.

The current parts to do include adding a few information feedback for the player concerning the potential resources spots that can be found in a region and also to add the possibility to use the linked local surface panel to select a target region for the expedition. For now it is possible to select one in the PES window itself via a combo box, but I will add this local surface option to help the players that want to have acces to more informations for a target region (like the current weather for example). The two ways will stay possible.
The PES window exists to allow the player to set/modify any expedition for any of its colonies without to have painfully browse through the 3D and the local surface. A HUD button on the 3D view (linked to a keyboard shortcut) will always be available to access the PES. For now I can only acces to it via the local surface panel.

The last part is to expand the user’s interface for addition/deletion of vehicles/cyberhsells (the whole called survey units) into/from an expedition and the setup framework will be complete.

Of course the work also include the data integration of the new expeditions data structures in the game and preparing them to be implemented in the tasks system of the game.

The final work will be to implement anything about the geological survey and its process over the time via the existing tasks system.

The release by the end of April seems to be compromised, but I keep trying to work everyday on it even a bit. This week off certainly helped to speed up the development.

Enough talk, here are two WIP screenshots:

The first when the PES window is opened just after a new game and the first player’s colony is founded.

It looks pretty empty, but the list on the top right will contain existing expeditions for all the colonies of the player, so obviously after a new game there isn’t any. The function of the bottom right list is to display the survey units of a selected expedition.
The central top contains the main interface to setup (and later edit) an expedition. One part is hidden and you can see it on the second screenshot below.
The central bottom is WIP for now; I will put centralized informations about the different exploration status of the selected orbital object in the PES.
The list on the left contains all the eligible vehicles / cybershells, the colony have in storage, that can carry out an expedition.

Here’s the second screenshot when “New Expedition” is clicked and some elements of it are set (like the type of survey for example).

That doesn’t seems much but it’s a certain amount of work (and complete “pleasure”) to work on UI.

Anyway back to work, tomorrow I will get back on dev after my day job.

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