[dev notice] Ongoing Planetary Exploration Development + PDF of the Geological Survey Design

I started the development of the new planetary exploration window (and will continue after my day job).
I using a window since the player will be able to setup any elligible exploration from any orbital object it has a colony on, making it a unified tool.

I have not much of screenshots to show for now since it’s work in progress but to give a little thing I decided to extract the 8 pages of design of the geological survey into a pdf and sharing it to anyone interested.

Just be advised that the writing has certainly some typos, and the English is far to be perfect, but it is a design doc not a manual. The subsytem itself is certainly not perfect nor rocket science too but it is working and better than what was already in the game. The thing is final anyway, outside of few adjustments and additions.

So that’s it, not much to say but a PDF to show, better than nothing 🙂

You can download the pdf here, consider it as a CC-BY license for it as for any assets I make myself for the game.

Thanks for your interest and have a good week!

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