[dev notice] Planetary Exploration System (PES) Redesign (WIP) + some UI Talk

The redesign of the final version of the PES is ongoing.
The part of it in the main document is actually being rewritten and cleaned up, and the main changes of this system are the following:

  • additional support of the features & artifacts, and the biological surveys. Until now the PES was only for geological/resources survey.
  • implementation of the crewing rules for the survey vehicles / cybershells by being multispecies/multiclades. It means, as an example, that not only baselines humans can crew such vehicles but also their gene modified counterparts.
  • removal of the current survey vehicles’ capabilities and replacement by characteristics and abilities fully compatible with the new Unified Resolution System (URES).
  • integration of the URES in the calculations of survey probabilities, their resolutions, and their possible outcomes. It also includes the uses of the new Region Environmental Modifiers (REM).
  • integration of a new way to generate resource spots’ size (in accordance to the modified/new infrastructure level calculation). In addition of it, a new data named Total Exploitation Volume is integrated and includes its calculations. It simply means that the resources will be finite in the game, even if vast in certain cases.

As you can see, the change are pretty meaty and these points constitute in fact the next changelog entries.

I also made the future user’s interface of the PES on paper, and maybe I have found a way to display the resource spots in the local surface panel on a prettier fashion than before hehe. I will need some tests for that.

That seems a lot of work and it is, but the PES is one of the core system of the game so I better be doing it well, or better than before.

So that’s it for now. I return to my docs and calculations and tables, a typing and computing weekend 🙂

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