[dev notice] Berngham’s Community (DONE), Last Faction of Origin to Implement in WIP

I have finally one faction left (out of the 8) to implement: the Neo-Believers Federation (NEBEF) and that will be done, for now.

I will try to finish it before the end of this week, and after that I will add about 7 new planetary systems (including Alpha Centauri A/B, but not Sol… yet). These systems will be added in certain pools of starting locations of the factions of origin.

Just FYI, the data of these factions is pretty basic for now since they aren’t “physically” in the game yet. The data implemented are: faction level, faction’s death tolerance, one backstory, a start of SPM settings (I need to add a ton of new SPM memes and policies in the next dev version 0.6.19), and the common core of technologies and orientations for the research & development.
Of course bunch of words specific to each faction’s language, culture, history, and policy are also added. For now they are only used to name space units.

Work is never done! 🤓

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