[dev notice] Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) Experiments

Just a little post to inform you that I experimenting, in a clone of FARC, the use of the CEF to replace the Windows web component that I using to display the in-game Knowledge Base.
I already tried it a few years ago but didn’t have the time and drive (who said LAZY!?) to complete it.

That will unify the display of the Knowledge Base, independently from Windows / IE dll versions, and FARC will finally be independent since the CEF libs and dll will be packaged with the game.

That will inflate a bit the package but anything is question of trade-off, and I like embedded packages. The CEF browser will be included in the current 0.6.18 version whe  it will be released.

Anyway, it’s not a big news that will change the game, but I had to notify it.

Tonight, after my work day, I will push the dev toward completion of the NEBEF faction.

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