[info] About Words Generation and Grammar

Just a little post, about the words collection for each factions, to say that obviously I’m not an expert in Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Swahili and so on.

So, I keep the rules for  names generation for space units pretty simple. The grammar of the above languages is pretty difficult by itself and I’m not a know-it-all, so I try to adapt the rules based from my mother language (French), my second mother language (English), and a few tests with Google translate for what it is worth for. And above all, I make and keep the permutations, for the cited languages in the first paragraph, VERY simple.
It’s impossible and counter-productive to add all exceptions for all languages, especially for the mix of them in different languages like for the MUN, EUSPAN and the upcoming European-Union.

I varies the names generation based on the background of each faction in FAR Colony, I could make them in English for all the factions but that would break a certain immersion and suspension of disbelief.

I haven’t received any comments about it, but please don’t laugh at the generated names if you are fluent in the cited languages 🙂

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