[dev notice] Keep Alive Post; PRC done, Russian Federation on the Way, European Union is Next

Sorry for the lack of news, I passed a “bit of time” (about 2 weeks) testing new video games, but I’m back to development.

I played Red Dead Redemption 2 (between 10 crashes…), Terminator Resistance, Stellaris w/ the Lithoids update, and Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order.

Anyway I’m back on track, the PRC is done, the Russian Federation is on the way to be completed before the end of this Sunday, and the European-Union is next.

After that I will implement the two extrasolar factions left; the Berngham community and the Neo-Believers Federation.

It takes a lot of design work to put them in place, but of all the rest of the points to do to complete this release, the factions constitutes most of the work in this current dev version.
The rest will go faster (promises I know…), since the rest is mostly already designed and parts of it are user’s interface improvements.
And yes, I will stop gaming for a while (until Cyberpunk 2077 is released in 2020 at least)…
I will not publish an update post until all the factions are in the game.

Thanks for your interest and have a good week!

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