[dev update] Earth United Space Nations (EUSPAN) (DONE), People’s Republic of China (PRC) (WIP)

Status of the work of October 23, for this 0.6.18 version:

  • [DONE]  Farc Universe Generator (FUG) updates and improvements.
  • [DONE] Full recalculation of the Epsilon Eridani system with the changes above.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysical System (WEAGES) induced region environmental modifiers.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysical System (WEAGES) implementation of a probability system, with specific data for each effect, to determine if and how a weather/geophysical effect will hit settlements, expeditions and armies.
  • [WIP] Addition of the seven factions of origin, including 7 additional starter star systems.
  • [] Full overhaul of the planetary exploration system (PES).
  • [] Modifications in Conversion/Assembling/Building of infrastructures.
  • [] Infrastructure Reliability and Integrity + Integration with the WEAGES.
  • [] Planetary Features & Artefacts; basic addition and generation.
  • [] Small CSM updates.
  • [] Options Window.
  • [] 100% Revamp of Messages Panels into a Messages Log Window + Rework of Messages
  • [] General Improvements of the User’s Interface.
  • [] Various Bug Fixes.
  • [] Knowledge Base – Session Update
  • Colonization Phase System (CPS)
    • [New: DONE] fix: FCFcpso_SPMWeightsIncompatibility_Test; wrong index used with FCDgdatEntities[]._spmSettings.
  • Factions
    • Language System
      • [New: DONE] overhaul and optimization, including bugfixes in the algorythm logic, for the generation of names for space units.
  • Faction / Earth United Space Nations (EUSPAN)

    • [New: DONE] implementation of its basic data.
    • Expeditions
      • [New: DONE] Regulated United Colony (RUC): basic implementation.
    • Expedition – Regulated United Colony (RUC) / Backstory
      • [New: DONE] Cradle Endowment Project (CREP).
    • Language System
      • [New: DONE] implementation of 206 words, including their articles rules (1 article in total).
  • Graphics
    • [New: NOT DEV] creation of one flag for the NORAC faction.
    • [New: NOT DEV] creation of one flag for the EUSPAN faction.
    • [New: NOT DEV] creation of one flag for the PRC faction.
    • [New: NOT DEV] creation of one flag for the RF faction.
    • [New: NOT DEV] creation of one flag for the EU faction.
    • [New: NOT DEV] creation of one flag for the BC faction.
    • [New: NOT DEV] creation of one flag for the NEBEF faction.

Sorry for the lack of news, but with my job I’ve not had the time and desire to dev (it’s a bit hectic these last days, in the good way). Anyway, I’m trying now to push the completion of the factions of origin.

The EUSPAN is done, I starting now the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

I have not much more to say since it’s mainly work of design into background history, socio-political, matrix, society, languages, and so on, and of course implementing the byproducts of all of this into the game.

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned.

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