[info] The Future of the Development of FAR Colony (Updated List)

Here is an updated, and I think final (yep, for the #nth time) todo-list toward the beta 1.0.

  • Alpha 10 / 0.6.19:
    • Research & Development System: tech trees full completion + products’ Development Levels integration.
    • Socio-Political Matrix: full fixes and completion of the system.
    • Colony Simualtion Model: completion, and end game: full outcomes @ this stage of the game and finalization.
  • Alpha 10 / 0.6.20:   (Last Alpha 10)
    • Population: full expansion; multispecies populations (humans, clones and AIs – all is already implemented at the data level) into the CSM, SPM, and Population Growth System. + full updates for the (totally outdated) user’s interface.
    • Settlements: implementation of the expansion 2.0 (already in design): four types (Populated Settlement, Automated Settlement, Industrial Zone, Military Area). Surface, underground and so on pass as a Presence data.
    • Region Control: rules 2.0 – full implementation.
  • Alpha 11:
    • Space units: full implementation of their design + SPU Designer + Missions (full completion of existing ones + new ones) + Semi-Automation of Missions + space units construction + removal of hardcoded parts. The hardcoded space units currently in the game will be removed and properly designed too.
      This part seems big, but I nearly made it in a previous failed generation of FARC. So many parts of the code will be ported and fully corrected.
  • Alpha 12:
    • Research & Development System (RDS): full implementation of the system itself.
  • Alpha 13: (one of the biggest version in terms of work to do)
    • Faction Decision Engine: basically the AI engine that will drive the non-player’s factions of the game, including the Colonies Automated Management (or CAM) subsystem + physical integration of the factions in the game)
    • Global Communications System: the dynamic “fog-of-war” system, that will be present at any stage of a game.
    • Universal Combat System: space engagement and combat, orbital support, and airland combat via offensives.
  • Alpha 14:
    • Game events + scripted historical/background events.
  • Alpha 15:
    • Biospheres: the fauna and flora of an orbital object, if this one supports it, will be implemented. Including all the consequences that can ensue from it.
  • Alpha 16:
    • Memetic engineering / war System: the system that will allow the player / AI to influence the adoption/rejection of memes in their own faction, or in a foreign one.
  • Alpha 17:
    • Economic / trading system.
  • Alpha 18: (Last Alpha, FARC will enter into Beta stage at the release of this one and will be 1.0)
    • Foreign relations system.

I think this list is definitive, I don’t see anyway how it could change. Only the systems’ names are subject to change, out of the GLOCS, UCS, FADE and RDS.

I know that’s a long way, even if the time to implement all this will be pretty variable since the design of many of these systems is already, for a good part, in my documents.
But it’s my goal, as crazy and useless as it sounds, and since I started it I cannot stop here now.

I developping FARC for the fun of it, and eventually sharing it to people interested, nothing else. 🙂

Anyway, back to this second faction; I working to add words for names generation (which is not useful for game purpose, but is necessary for background purposes) and I will add one type of expedition and one backstory afterward.

Once all the factions are done, I will work to add seven star/planetary systems in the game.

That’s all, have a good Sunday and a great week!

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