[dev update] North American Coalition (DONE), Earthling Space United Nations (WIP)

Status of the work of October 01, for this 0.6.18 version:

  • [DONE]  Farc Universe Generator (FUG) updates and improvements.
  • [DONE] Full recalculation of the Epsilon Eridani system with the changes above.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysical System (WEAGES) induced region environmental modifiers.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysical System (WEAGES) implementation of a probability system, with specific data for each effect, to determine if and how a weather/geophysical effect will hit settlements, expeditions and armies.
  • [WIP] Addition of the seven factions of origin, including 7 additional starter star systems.
  • [] Full overhaul of the planetary exploration system (PES).
  • [] Modifications in Conversion/Assembling/Building of infrastructures.
  • [] Infrastructure Reliability and Integrity + Integration with the WEAGES.
  • [] Planetary Features & Artefacts; basic addition and generation.
  • [] Small CSM updates.
  • [] Options Window.
  • [] 100% Revamp of Messages Panels into a Messages Log Window + Rework of Messages
  • [] General Improvements of the User’s Interface.
  • [] Various Bug Fixes.
  • [] Knowledge Base – Session Update
  • Colonization Phase System (CPS)
    • [New: DONE] a crash happened during the initialization if the absolute amount of CPS objectives to generate was = 0. I forgot to prevent this, thinking it could never happen, but with the NORAC it is.
  • Factions
    • [New: DONE] “faction of allegiance” is replaced by “faction of origin” since it’s more in line of what expeditions and backstories are.
    • Language System
      • [New: DONE] the ultimate maximum number of articles is expanded to five.
      • [New: DONE] the XML data structure of the languages has been optimized, and the data loading has been updated.
      • [New: DONE] the design rules for the use of the words is now unified and will be the same, regardless of what language or mix of languages that will be used for each faction.
  • Faction / Magellan Unity (MUN)
    • [New: DONE] the technological orientation for Physics has been adjusted from -2 to -1, and Ecosciences from -2 to 0.
    • [New: DONE] the part of artilects in the society has been revised to the low.
    • Language System
      • [New: DONE] the number of generic words have been expanded to 350, from 258. One article has been added to a total of 4.
  • Faction / North American Coalition (NORAC)
    • [New: DONE] implementation of its basic data.
    • Expeditions
      • [New: DONE] State-Funded Colony: basic implementation.
    • Expedition – State-Funded Colony / Backstory
      • [New: DONE] Industrial Conglomerate.
    • Language System
      • [New: DONE] implementation of 367 words, including their articles rules (6 articles in total).

The basic data, including one type of expedition and one backstory, is now implemented.

I passed a bit of time because I made a certain amount of changes in language design, and I unified the rules in the use of words with their articles.
The XML part for the languages is now far less loaded with repeating data than before and a bit more optimized.
There is a bug left in the names generator that I will fix before release.

Also, having a second faction of origin raised a bug in the CPS that I had to track and eliminate.
But now all is working and it is nice to see the tree list of the starting factions growing.

Anyway, for now I continuing to focus onto the basic implementation of all the factions of origin and after that I will work on the design of new star/planetary systems.

That’s all for now, a good amount of design work is ahead so don’t expect a post for a “little” while.

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