[dev notice] Universe Generator Audit (DONE) + Adjustments of Region Environmental Modifiers (DONE)

I had to fix a certain number of bugs due to my additions in the Wind speed 2.0 + Region Environmental Modifiers (REM).

For the REMs I had to do many planetary system calculations to see the coherence of them with the nature of each orbital object and each regions. Which isn’t a simple work since there are 9 series of categories at most that can affect the final modifier.

Epsilon Eridani itself is OK with what we know in reality since I already integrated, in 2013, the two asteroid belts and the gaseous planet that have been confirmed by observations (OK the gaseous planet is unconfirmed but there have been some update about it in January/February 2019 about it).
As usual, FARC is a game and not a scientific application (Space Engine is 1000% perfect for this use already) but I try at least to be coherent with reality.

The last thing I have to do is to verify the integration of planetoids into the asteroid belts and that will be done.

So, normally, I’m ready after my day job to fully recalculate Epsilon Eridani. That will complete the second step of the work of this version.

That’s all, thanks for your interest!

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