[info] FARC Source Code is Released Now on a Monthly Basis

I have no idea if the very few of you that follows this project remembers that since the start of 2017 this game was open source, and after “certain events” my game have been banned from the gaming open source community (mainly because I using “evil” commercial third party addons to dev the game and so on).

A pretty “smart” one even pushed the ban on Debian, making my game “unsuitable”, which is strange since FARC isn’t a native Linux software (but can be running well on Wine according to past comments). So, it isn’t really relevant.
Anyway after this little backlash I banned myself from this community and removed the project on Github. The source is actually on private mode in Bitbucket.

You can see the “unsuitable” entry here (the entries are sorted): https://wiki.debian.org/Games/Unsuitable

Two years after, I decided to release the source code on a roughly monthly basis; even with this petty SJW drama, I never considered FARC other than a free like air program (after all it’s not like I working on a cure for one form of cancer or this game project is relevant), and I never even changed the license of the code itself, which is GPL3.
And since I’m growing old, well, it’s better that FARC is out in the wild.

The source code is archived in a .7z format and available in the Download section.

Don’t consider that I’m back into the open source community (outside of contributing for assets like on Opengameart when I’m doing something), I don’t support it since 2017, but I don’t  see why I shouldn’t publish the code like before.

Sorry for this post outside the development news, tonight I will start to implement the overhauled Region Environmental Modifiers.

Thanks for your interest and have a good week!

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