[dev notice] Universe Generator Design Changes [DONE] Dev Starts Sunday + WEAGES Critical Bugfix (Parallel Code)

I finished to update the Universe Generator in the main document and I’m finally ready to apply the changes and adjustments, including the wind speed calculation 2.0, and the new difficulty system for the Regional Environment Modifiers of each region.

I also corrected a critical bug, in the Weather & Geophysical System, considering the seasonal changes for surface temperatures. My main implementation by making the main loop parallel/muktithreaded was a big error.
It created discrepancies and unexpected errors for the calculations of the surface temperature of certain regions of certain planets/asteroids… And of course never the same ones, from on day to another in the game…
I audited the code from A to Z and found no logical error.
The thing is that at certain intervals, the surface temperature for a region could not been simply calculated, which is totally strange since the rainfall and win speed data are calculated in the same procedure too, and displayed no error… I had about 15~20 data discrepancies for each day and the entire planetary system.

So at one moment I had to be in front of the fact that my implementation with a parallel loop didn’t worked at all and, oh miracle! All worked well after I put a standard and linear loop; I tested over a duration of many game days of calculation and all data were correct as it must be…

The lesson of this Saturday; only parallelize simple code that doesn’t touch data strutures and where the code procedures and functions doesn’t span over multiple thousands of lines of code and multiple units…

So yep, tomorrow is the starting day of upgrading the Universe Generator.

Thanks! 🙂


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