[dev notice] Full Fractal Terrains Process / Colors / Maps Finalized and in Main Design Doc

I finally completed to destroy my numerous paper notes on differents process / coloration and mapping for Fractal Terrains. All is in the main  design document and finalized, so I’m ready to reprocess/update Epsilon Eridani and add new planetary systems.

It has taken so long because I have a lot of color templates (200-250) and mapping (200-250 files too) options that I had to sort for specific coloration according to the star type and class + the orbital object ecosphere.

For example, if a planet orbit a M7 star and have a flora, it will be nearly black due to the star emitting energy mostly in the IR spectrum. So, it will now be integrated in the game. Here is the illustration of what it will looks like with a typical mix of tropical and temperate forests + tundra on a planet orbiting around such star:

Pretty nice to colonize such beauty hmm? Hehe 🙂

Of course, as a disclaimer again, FAR Colony isn’t a scientific software but a game, so like for the rest I take liberties. I base the colorations/map on different sources from astrophysicists and astrobiologists. Of course again, even for these serious people, their informations can be seen as speculations, but many is based on science derived on what we have on Earth and using Physics.

Here’s the climate map of the same setup above:

For these screenshot I took back Epsilon Eridani 2 file as a base. Don’t worry, Fractal Terrain can generate millions of different seeded terrains. I’m just lazy to setup new lands each time 🙂
And during these renders I was also in the sorting process of color setup and climates files, so it is better to keep a common basis for comparisons and analysis.

Here’s another variation of one around a K star (about K6-K7 from my nose’s speculations):

So now, what’s up?

Now I will finally go back to dev by updating the data structures of the Universe and updating the Universe Generator with a good number of adjustements, refining and small additions here and there.
I will publish the first update post of this part will be done.

Much work to do, much work to do…

Thanks for your interest and have a Great Week!

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