[dev update] All Dev Done, Knowledge Base Updates Ongoing, Release on 2019/07/01

June 26 Update; Status of the work for this 0.6.17 version:

  • [DONE]  Adding assets: New Infrastructures and Production Modes.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES).
  • [DONE] Unified Resolution System (URES)
  • [DONE] Adding assets: 2D pictures and icons.
  • [DONE] Full UI standardization.
  • [DONE] Various Bug Fixes.
  • [WIP] Knowledge Base – Session Update
  • Game Saving / Loading
    • [New: DONE] a bug that prevented to load a game (outside of continuing the last saved game) is now corrected. Anything works as it should be.
  • Graphics
    • [New: DONE] addition of an icon to illustrate the colony data Economic & industrial Output.
    • [New: DONE] rework of the commonPlaceholder_x.png, used as placeholder for infrastructures actually, as been reworked. A mistake made it entirely transparent.
  • Interface – General
    • [New: DONE] user’s interface standardization for the CSM Events panel and its descendants.
    • [New: DONE] user’s interface standardization for the Settlements panel and its descendants. It includes bug fixes for the display of incompatible infrastructures.
    • [New: DONE] user’s interface standardization for the Industry panel and its descendants.
    • [New: DONE] user’s interface standardization for the Local Surface panel and its descendants.
    • [New: DONE] when another orbital object is focused, all the opened panels linked to the previous orbital object (if any are opened) are properly closed.
  • Interface – Local surface
    • Colony

      • [New: DONE] entering in the field of the colony name automatically erase the field. If it is exited without commit, it display the previous name.
      • Colony Data
        • [WIP => DONE] rework, and fixes, on the display of all the colony data.
        • [New: DONE] Economic & Industrial Ouput of the colony is now displayed. I forgot to put it since a long time.
  • Interface – Settlements
    • [New: DONE] multiple bugfixes; like the one which display correctly the information of an infrastructure that had its status recently changed.
  • Misc
    • [New: DONE] bug fix in the case of new game, or the loading of a game, when a game is currently played. The new game raised an error when a new message was raised during play, because I simply forgot to cleanup the message box… Continue Game was OK.

As you can see, a few things have been done. Including in the list above I also crash tested the Weather and Geophysic System and found bugs of course. They are also corrected.

Anyway it is done for this version. Starting tomorrow, after my day job, I will work to update the Knowledge Base until about Sunday, and I will release on Monday.
July 1st is a day off here, so I will without celebrate the national Canada day by releasing a new version of FAR Colony :]

That’s all for today, have a good Thursday!

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