[dev notice] Local Surface/Colony (100%) + Full UI Behavior Standardization Ongoing

I finally finished the cleanup/improvement of the colony section of the Local Surface panel, you can see the result in the screenshot below:

Nothing very new excepted that anything is displayed correctly and that I added the display of a data, Economic and Industrial Output. This data isn’t new and exists since the start and is a modifier that will be used for production, economy/financial, and research & development. I simply forgot over all these years to display it… anyway the whole is done.

You can certainly see that something is missing, the colony’s reserves aren’t displayed. It is because I will display them in the center-bottom portion of the panel and so they will be always in the view of the player, even if the colony’s data aren’t displayed.
It will be re-enabled during the next version development, along the rework of the display of resource spot and the planetary survey. For these last two points, I already made a crude design plan on how I will modifiy the interface, so I’m ready for the next version. Nothing very special but that will be better, and the Planetary Survey System is due for a final overhaul, along to be affected by the weather 🙂

I also worked today on certain updates/improvements for the Universe Generator in the main document, and they are also ready for their implementation for the  next development version.

So now I starting the work on the standardization of user’s inteface behavior with the keyboard keys. Nothing new will be done, it’s just a mass improvement of the existing user’s interface with a standard I already implemented by making the Orbits panel and the Star Systems Browser.

I have good hope to finally make a release before the end of this month, because after that it’s only the session of bug fixing (I already fixed the game loading) and updating a bit the Knowledge Base.
But you know about my superb skill to put release dates hehe… So I will not announce a release date until I arrive to the point of updating the Knowledge Base.

Anyway that’s all, tomorrow is a new week of real (and awesome, YES!) day job…

2 thoughts on “[dev notice] Local Surface/Colony (100%) + Full UI Behavior Standardization Ongoing”

  1. Michael R Earle

    I am a devoted follower of your project. As a geography/planetologist person, I love what you have done so far and appreciate the incredible complexity of the task you have set for yourself. One thing perplexes me though. The planet map that keeps appearing in the updates, Is this the only option for planets, or is it just a template for other available planets? There are, obviously, an almost infinite number of possibilities based on size, distance from the Primary, atmosphere, and so on. Are the players going to be able to build their own planets based on the parameters you have so carefully set up? Merci bien pour tout votre travail. Vous etes un vrai mec.

    1. Hi and thanks for your interest!
      Haha no, I just keeping to show the local surface for Epsilon Eridani 2 just because it’s my “lab rat” planet for testing game systems, so yes I take screenshots of it each time.
      Actually how it is done is that the data are generated by the Universe Generator (the FUG), and the surface maps themselves are separated in two categories; personalized and standardized surface maps. There are 8 personalized surface maps for the Epsilon Eridani planetary system, you can look at them w/o launching the game in _RSRC\pics-ogl-oobj-pers\, or you can look at this screenshot I made for a previous post:


      – All telluric planets have a personalized one, made via a third party software called Fractal Terrains (additionally to its big addon). The cool thing of course if that FT takes into account certain data that I can extract from the FUG and it generates a surface map in accordance to it. Once done I manually do some refinements, during the generation, to specify the relief or the terrain type of a region, so that the data for the regions stay more or less in accordance to the generated surface map. It’s not perfect but I avoid any discrepancy.

      – Anything else, gaseous planets and asteroids, have a standardized surface map based on the type of gaseous planet (like cold or hot Jovian for example) and asteroid. It will be possible to override this for a particular orbital object of one of these types and giving it a custom map.

      Basically a player could generate a planetary system, if it also have Fractal Terrain. But the FUG is not an in game tool (even if you can access it by puting FARC in Debug mode) and it generates XML code in output, that you can paste into the universe.xml.

      Of course I don’t have the pretention to make it scientifically accurate, FARC is only a game and there is already an excellent software called Space Engine (

      ) that does it better and exists especially for this, but the whole is made to at least have a certain coherence with the background of the game, which is hard sci-fi and not space opera/fantasy.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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