[dev notice] User’s Interface Rework for Ecosphere / Region + 2D Assets

I’m currently in the work for updating the Ecosphere and Region section of the Local Surface panel.
For information, it looks like this for now (old screenshot):

OK then, here’s a rough draft of the future changes (you can admire my artistic sense for sure hehe):

So yeah, these sections are under a revamp with a bit more of graphics. The WEAGES (Weather & Geophysic System) will be fully integrated to it of course.

For example, I’m going to use this to illustrate the winter season:


Of course I will render, and process it myself for FARC but thanks to the great community @ Blendswap the work will be easy.
Updating the credits of the game is nothing compared to the work on Blendswap and Opengameart!

I need to find two others (for Summer and Fall) and I will continue the dev work on the UI.

That’s all for now, thanks for your interest!

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