[dev update] Geophysical Effects Postponed – Weather and Geophysic System Completed and Fully Working

May 20 Update; Status of the work for this 0.6.17 version:

  • [WIP]  Adding assets: New Infrastructures and Production Modes.
  • [DONE] Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES).
  • [DONE] Unified Resolution System (URES)
  • Adding assets: 2D pictures and icons.
  • Full UI standardization.
  • No Todo Updates

I postponed the implementation of the geophysical effects Earthquake and Volcanic Activity, since they must be linked to planetary features of Plane Fault(s) for the former and Active / Extinct Volcano(es) for the latter. Since I will start to implement a basic model of Features & Artifacts only for the next version, it will wait until that.
Nevertheless I did a fair amount of design work for these two effects, for sure it will not be an easy implementation but i will do it.

So by it, the work on the implementation of the WEAGES is done. I had to work today to complete all the parts of the system which was full of holes; I had to adapt the system to the specific behavior of Cold Wave and implement all the necessary tests. So now the system is fully working for all the cases; initialization, update, cooldown, and cancellation of weather / geophysical effects.
I tagged its work as “DONE” a bit too fast in the previous post hehe.

So What’s next? I will update pretty fast the infrastructures in the game and I will look to add another one or two new ones. After that I will update my 2D assets lists and see what I can add actually add in the game. Again I will not take a long time for it, just a few days.

Finally I will work on the user’s interface in two ways: the UI standardization for its behavior (including the keyboard / mouse interactivity), and the full update of the seasonal data / weather in the Orbital Object Panel. Because all the changes with the addition of the new system have totally brok the interface for it. Who said “pfff easy, it’s an eternal alpha!” haha.

Anyway that’s it, the completion of this version is close now, and so much work is yet required to have a somehow game.

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