[dev notice] Full Time Dev Day + Cold Wave Design Done, Implementation Ongoing

The design of the region weather effect Cold Wave is done; I based it from Heat Wave but i was wrong because of many differences these two effects have and my lack of knowledge about it.
Anyway it is done now, and its implementation is ongoing, I should have finished it today.

Speaking of today, I starting to dev on FARC for 7/8 hours (like a day job hehe) since I’m in holydays. I’m off for this entire week so, “normally”, I should work full time from today to Friday… But each time I say that I don’t do it. So I will do a post each day to announce it and what will be the focus of the dev day. If I don’t, no post will be made, as simple as that.
No more fake promises…

Anyway that’s all, have a great week!

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