[dev notice] Wind Speed Model Finalized, Main Travel Distance Finalized, Cold Wave Design Ongoing

I finally made a believable (IMHO) model to calculate the wind speed of each region when a planet is generated. The existing one wasn’t really satisfying even if it was a OK first one.
The new one is based on Geostrophic Wind Approximation and slightly modified for FARC. It takes into account the wind profile of all adjacent regions to the one being processed.
I also integrated certain modifiers due to the main relief of the region (plain, broken and mountainous) and also taken into account oceanic and coastal regions.
You can see a screenshot of the final version in its spreadsheet form below:

Anyway the design and calculations are done and will be full integrated in the FARC Universe Generator during the development of the next version, that will see the integration of all the allegeance factions and at least one starting planetary system for each of them. So I will need to update the FUG beforehand.

Yes during the development of the next version the universe of FAR Colony will finally expand, better late than never.

The calculation of Main Travel Distance for the regions of an orbital object, data that is used for some parts of the game, is also finalized and will be implemented too in the FUG for the next version.

The design of Cold Wave regional effect is ongoing; its model of behavior is finalized (the Cold Wave will eventually spread over a certain number of regions), I also finalized its Triggering Probability.
I need to complete its effects (at least one on the surface temperature), and cooldown rules and calculations and it will be ready to be implemented.

The Unified Resolution System (see the previous post) is also fully implemented.

That’s all for now, stay tuned.

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