[dev notice] Doc Screenshots of the Details of Design of One Effect

I nearly finished the design of Heat Wave, I just have to complete the scope, ie how it affect the targeted region and if it can spread.

So I decided to post the screenshot of a good part of the design of it, just to show you something.

Please bear in mind that it is something abstracted and not perfect, but I think sufficient for the purpose of this game.

(you can click on it and zoom for the full scale of the picture)

Here’s one of its simulation on a spreadsheet:

Once the scope done, I will use the design of this effect, as a framework, to complete the design of Cold Wave, which is already in the process to be done too.

After that I will complete the design of the 3 geophysical effects (Earthquake, Volcanic Activity, and Volcanic Eruption) and their implementation will be fully done.

In parallel, I’m also in the work of implementing the process of these effects. It isn’t complete yet, but part of it is in the game.

Tomorrow, another full time design/dev day!


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