[dev update] WEAGES Regional Weather & Geophysical Effects/Implementation [WIP]

March 11 Update; Status of the work for this 0.6.17 version:

  • [WIP]  Adding assets: New Infrastructures and Production Modes.
  • [WIP] Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES).
  • Adding assets: 2D pictures and icons.
  • Full UI standardization.
  • FARC Universe Generator (FUG)

    • [New: NOT DEV] small core modifications on how wind speed is calculated.
  • Universe
    • [New: NOT DEV] full recalculation of wind speed, and mass update of the XML file, for all the region of all telluric planets with an atmosphere, by using a basic custom tool.
    • Star Systems Integration
      • [New: WIP] secondary work on data integration of the Sol planetary system. It will not be added into the game yet but it is planned before the entire work on the Alpha 10 is complete. So I integrating all the data I can get into its XML structure in a separate file.
  • Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES)
    • [New: WIP] creation of a XML database to store particular Regional Weather / Geophysical Effect (RWE/RGE) data. The rest is hardcoded in specific units of the code. No choice since there are somehow complex rules and calculations specific for each RWE/RGE.

There is not much to say actually because I working on the implementation of the effects and their processing.
I finally completed the full (and final) pre-implementation design of the process of the regional effects and their complete data structure.

Part of it is stored into a specific XML database (token ID, iterations, the lists of RWE and RGE compatibles, the effect cancellation list, and the cooldown), and the rest will be hardcoded due to the process of specific rules and calculations.

Hardcoded data are the Triggering Probability, the effect duration and the scope (how the effect will affect the regions).

I know I took my time for all of this, but it isn’t really easy to do something coherent and abstracted for such c0mplicated physical concepts.

I also finalized the new, and better, calculations for the Main Travel Distance for each region of a same orbital object.  I will update the Universe Generator with the new calculations and will mass update the MTD for all orbital objects already in the game, when the four main development points of this version will be done.

It is an important step to do because in the next version I will do a basic implementation of all the rest of the factions of allegeance (5 Earthly, and 2 extrasolar) which will include the faction’s data and one expedition/backstory, but also it will include one starting star system for each faction. It will be a massive expansion of the universe of FARC so I need to update and refine the Universe Generator before to come to this step.

Once the data implementation is done, I will start to implement the rules and calculations of regional effects themselve; starting with Cold Wave and Heat Wave. Earthquake, Volcanic Activity and Volcanic Eruption will follow.

That’s all for now, have a great week!

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