[dev update] WEAGES Regional Weather & Geophysical Effects Design [WIP] + Design Notes About It

February 17 Update; Status of the work for this 0.6.17 version:

  • [WIP]  Adding assets: New Infrastructures and Production Modes.
  • [WIP] Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES).
  • Adding assets: 2D pictures and icons.
  • Full UI standardization.
  • Universe
    • [New: WIP] implementation of WEAGES data into the root structure of the orbital objects, ie: the Regional Weather / Geophysical Effects Comptability Lists (RWE_CL/RGE_CL) and the triggered/effective RWE/RGE lists.
  • Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES)
    • [New: WIP] implementation of the basic Regional Weather & Geophysical Effects subsystem.
    • Regional Weather Effects (RWE)
      • [New: WIP] Cold Wave.
      • [New: WIP] Heat Wave.
    • Regional Geophysical Effects (RGE)
      • [New: WIP] Earthquake.
      • [New: WIP] Volcanic Activity.
      • [New: WIP] Volcanic Eruption.

Sorry for the lack of post but I haven’t much to post yet since I had to put a working system for the regional weather / geophysical effect (RWE/RGE) on paper before working to update the main design document with the final draft.
As said in the previous post this part is more complicated than the seasonal changes because, even if I don’t have the pretentiousness to create a climate simulation model far beyond the scope of a hobby game, I trying to have a system that is simple and abstracted but coherent with a certain reality… Which is in the end a difficult exercise. To help me I have companions, scientific books about non-Earthly atmopheres and ecosystems, which is more than nothing and going only with wrong guess work.

So, without going too much into details, here are some of the rules about how this part of the WEAGES will work:

  • this part of the WEAGES is only applied to telluric planets with and also without atmosphere, since geophysical can be in effect too. Gaseous planets and asteroids aren’t affected.
    Maybe I could integrate asteroids in the future for special geophysical effects but I don’t see any reason for now.
  • a region can have basically one RWE and one RGE effective on it. Additional effects can be triggered if these ones aren’t incompatible with thoses already in effect in the region. Of course a same type of RWE/RGE cannot be triggered more than one time for a same region.
  • at the level of the orbital object itself there are three data: two for the comptability lists of RWEs and RGEs, one for the triggered RWEs/RGEs actually in process.
    The comptability of a RWE/RGE is based on the prerequisites of each effect vs the data of a planet. Each of these list are re-initialized each new game and isn’t decided by “design” in the Universe Generator because:

    • One; these two lists can be modified over the time in case of certain major events that can affect deeply the ecosphere and/or the geophysical data of a planet.
    • Two; they also can be modified in case of terraforming. Terraformation will be implemented in the game post Alpha 10 in an undefined far future, but a system is planned (and semi-designed for now).
  • the process to select a RWE/RGE is made each standard day after the process of the seasonal changes, here are the basic steps:
    • it determines the number of RWEs/RGEs to test.
    • each RWE/RGE is chosen randomely in the comptability list.
    • the probability is calculated according to the effect’s set of rules and calculations.
    • a test is done with the calculated probability, if it passes the effect is applied into a region/regions or pattern of regions according to the RWE/RGE rules.
      if it fails, the process go to the next iteration to test.
  • the already RWEs/RGEs in effect (if any) are updated. Each effect have variable duration and intensity accoring to their own rules.
  • there is a specific case, that will not be implemented for now, when a RWE/RGE can be triggered outside the daily process of the WEAGES; it is when a game event, of the World and Historical Events System, will affect a planet through its ecosphere and/or its geology.

I hope this very basic gross-up of explanation will suffice.

So, now that I finally set the basis of the subsystem I have to put it down into the main design document and finally starting to implement it.

Of course the player will have information feedback about all this, I will see how I can do it but for sure the region data sheet of the Orbital Object panel is due for a good update.

The RWEs/RGEs actually in design/implementation (listed at the top of this post) are only a few compared to the total of them. I will not put all of them for the release but I’ll try to add a fair number.
Each of them must be studied before I decide of any of their rule in the game.

It is certainly hard to be bored hehe.

That’s all have a great Sunday and a great week!

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