[dev update] Universe Changes [DONE] + WEAGES Implementation – Seasonal Changes [WIP]

January 27 Update; Status of the work for this 0.6.17 version:

  • [WIP]  Adding assets: New Infrastructures and Production Modes.
  • [WIP] Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES).
  • Adding assets: 2D pictures and icons.
  • Full UI standardization.
  • Game Saving/Loading
    • [WIP => DONE] better saving and loading of universe data. Includes the integration of all the seasonal changes.
    • [New: DONE] the current seasonal data for each region (temperature, rainfall and windspeed), are now saved. It prevents useless calculations when a game is loaded.
    • [New: DONE] the initialization and calculation for each orbital object, of the revolution period data + climate, is removed since all these data are now stored in the XML file.
    • [New: DONE] the angle of the first day of the revolution period is saved to insure a consistency when a game is loaded again.
  • Production System

    • (forgot to put this entry in the previous post, sorry) [WIP => DONE] Uranium Ore Refining: full implementation.
  • Universe
    • [WIP => DONE] dayEnd of the astronomical seasons (ex orbital periods) is removed because it is useless and have an error with a carry over.
    • [WIP => DONE] the seasons are now refactored into astronomical seasons, and equinoxes are more specific: Summer Equinox, Summer Solstice, Winter Equinox, Winter Solstice.
    • [WIP => DONE] new data for each orbital object: current astronomical season season. Quick data that indicates the current season actually in process.
  • Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES)
    • [NOT DEV => WIP] implementation of the basic seasonal changes: calculation of the current (non astronomical) season, and progressive calculations of temperature / windspeed and rainfall for smooth changes from one season to another one.

The changes in the Universe data are now completely done.

The WEAGES starting to take shape since a few functions, used in other parts of the code, are already implemented. But the first part of this system is now into implementation, it’s time to move these orbital objects!

Have a great Sunday night (if you are in EST time zone) and a great week!

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