[info] Some Words (WORDS!) About Infrastructures

The new infrastructures I working on are all about production.

Until now, a new colony had enough reserves and products to sustain itself until the end of the Colonization Phase, bringing… not much of a challenge. But it will change with this version, and the colony will have to finally produce its mean of sustenance (ie food, oxygen and water).

Also the objectives to produce certains resources will be fully effective. For that effect, production infrastructures for ore refining will be also added. I currently working (during my job breaks…) on the Ore Smelter and Vacuum Induction Furnace, which are basic and small infrastructures but are enough to do the job.

So in summary, infrastructures to produce food, oxygen, water, and to produce the ores, will be added in this version. And no more free loading colonies (for testing purpose of course! or… SCIENCE! hehe).

I will see if I also add some infrastructure to refining the Uranium Ore, perhaps not yet but I have some in my design bagalready.

Anyway, that is all, back to my day job and I will resume the dev tonight.

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