[info/Misc] Christmas Post + About the 0.6.17 Development

First Happy Christmas to any of you following this project!

I actually working on the final design and implementation of production infrastructures, and I will post informations about it when it will be done.

I will also implement the core of the Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES): it will be in two main parts:

  1. By moving the orbital objects on their orbits and updating the calculations of seasonal effects, including those for any parts affected by it (like certain production modes of infrastructures).
  2. By applying and updating the Regional Weather and Geophysical Effects in the elligible regions of any elligible orbital object.

These two processes will be fully multithreaded for the sake of processing all affected orbital objects the faster way possible.

I also hoping that this system will be able to inject some “life” into the planets, and also a bit more of challenge during a game.

Good day off and peace to you all, wherever you are.

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