[dev notice] Additional HUD Buttons DONE (Incl. Screenshot)

November 29 Update.

Status of the work for this 0.6.16 version:

  • fixing the memory leak in the creation of a 3D scene, due to bad code with the generation of satellites.
  • adding a full and definitive implementation of Low and Geosynchronous Orbits, including changes in 3D and user’s interface.
  • removing the 3D space units and replacing them by 2D counterparts (icons)
  • adding a Planetary System List to quickbrowse the current planetary system in the 3D view.
  • addition of another HUD button on the 3D view to open the Orbital Object panel.
  • addition of other HUD button to open the panels for Population, Settlements,¬†Industry, and CSM Events.
  • updating of the content of Help & Knowledge Base panel.
  • adding assets: 2D pictures, icons and new infrastructures.

The HUD buttons to access the Population, Settlements, Industry and CSM Events panels are done. As usual it’s nothing transcendent but it works. Here is a screenshot of them (visibles only when a colony is present on the focused orbital object):

Of course the player will be able to access each of the panels via keyboard shortcuts.

Talking of them, the next step is to update the Help panel with all the new keyboard shortcuts and to present them in a better way than it was before. I will implement all the new key entries too.

That’s all, stay tuned and have a good Friday!

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