[dev update] [many screenshots] Planetary System List (DONE)

November 25 Updates.

Status of the work for this 0.6.16 version:

  • fixing the memory leak in the creation of a 3D scene, due to bad code with the generation of satellites.
  • adding a full and definitive implementation of Low and Geosynchronous Orbits, including changes in 3D and user’s interface.
  • removing the 3D space units and replacing them by 2D counterparts (icons)
  • adding a Planetary System List to quickbrowse the current planetary system in the 3D view.
  • addition of another HUD button on the 3D view to open the Orbital Object panel.
  • addition of other HUD button to open the panels for Population, Settlements, Industry, and CSM Events.
  • updating of the content of Help & Knowledge Base panel.
  • adding assets: 2D pictures, icons and new infrastructures.
  • 3D:
    • [New: DONE] fix: focus view to a non-satellite orbital object; force to set a zero selection of satellite, to prevent any possible bug.
    • [New: DONE] fix: focus view to a satellite orbital object; bring back the use of the satellite index #, it was deactivated for no reason…
    • [New: DONE] the FCGLSHUDcolplyr HUD button is refactored Local Surface and behave like a button the player can access to.
  •  Graphics:
    • [New: DONE] import/modification of two icons to illustrate the content of the Star Systems Browser.
    • [New: DONE] import/modification of 24 icons to illustrate the local surface HUD button when there is no colony and when there is one.
  • Interface – General:
    • [New: DONE] new shortcut key B to display/hide the Star Systems Browser.
  • Interface – Star Systems Browser:
    • [NOT DEV => DONE] full window creation, including a HTML Tree list which contain the full list of star systems with their stars, orbital objects and their possible satellites.

Here is the Star Systems Browser:

It’s nothing very special and pretty simple to use, just click with the left mouse button on the desired object, and the 3D view will focus it. In the future I will add a hint system to display basic and general informations to help the player in certain ways. For now the window is callable/closable by pressing B, I will add a button for it later.
Don’t worry I will work on the update to display all the keyboard shortcuts.

The icons helps to inform the basic kind of orbital object for each item.

Star System (with the gray header), and star (colored by the same color used for the ambient light in the 3D view. As reminder, each star has its own color configuration for the ambient light, depending of the type of the star.


The icon isn’t pretty, but it is hard to have something OK with such small size to illustrate an asteroid.

Telluric Planet:

Asteroids Belt:

Gaseous Planet:

The browsing keys (A: previous D: next Q: first  E: last) always works, in fact the player can combine the two ways.

I let aside the Smooth Rotary Menu Idea, from the previous post, since in the end I prefer a more direct approach.
So the old dome icon to illustrate a colony is now a button that open the Orbital Object panel (renamed now Local Surface panel) and changes its face according if there is a colony or not, and the type of orbital object if no colony is present (telluric or gaseous). Please look at the screenshots below for a better explanation:

The icon in the screenshot above, to the left of the colony’s name, is the illustration of a colony level 3 / Community. It behave exactly like the button for the Orbits panel, located to the left of the focused orbital object.

Another one, but this time with the Colony Level 8 / Federated States

This one is for the case of no player’s colony present and the object is a telluric planet or asteroid:

And this one when the focused orbital object is a gaseous planet:

This last screenshot is when the same button is hovered by the mouse pointer. Of course the hint system works for this button:

So, from today

The next steps are the following:

  • I will continue to add other HUD button to access directly to the Population, Settlements, Industry and CSM Events panels.
  • I will update the part of the Help & Knowledge Base Panel that shows the keyboard shortcuts since there are some changes and additions, because of course all these new panels and buttons will have keyboard shortcuts.
  • Finally I will work to add assets in the game, I will see which ones for this version, but there will certainly be new infrastructures for production.
    I will also add Pictures and icons, mainly for the infrastructures.

That’s all, thanks for your interest

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