[dev notice] Space Unit Basic Data Sheet [WIP-done 3/4] + Subsequent New Games Crash Fixed

The screenshot is from the work of yesterday (finished to dev at about 00h55 EST).

The basic data sheet for the selected space unit is done at 3/4th, you can see a cropshoot below:

Some points:

  • the section “Integrity” will display some data about the physical integrity of the selected space unit. It stays empty for now until the space units and their complete data, including their designs, are fully implemented. Which will be the case with the Alpha 11.
    Meanwhile I included the section even if nothing is displayed yet.
  • the section with the reaction mass will display a bit more informations about total capacity, and about the fuel, if any is onboard.
  • the empty frame below the displayed sections will contain the icons of the capabilities of the space unit, if this one has some. For now only the capability Carrier is semi-implemented (the conditions are hardcoded since the design of the spacecrafts isn’t developped).
    By design there are actually 16 capabilities. Here are some of them: Atmospheric Entry, Carrier, Colonization, Combat, Databank, and Interstellar Projection. These capabilities exists only to give to the player quick indications about general functions a space unit can assume.
    You will see after the alpha 10 that the space units have a certain amount of data. In fact as much, if not more data than those of the orbital objects! So, instead to have the player reading the complete data sheet of a space unit each time it wants to know if one can do this or that, it will be able to read that in one line of icons. Of course the full details will not be hidden and inaccessible, it’s FAR Colony after all hehe.

I fixed an exception/crash in the case when configuring and and committing a new game, while a game is in progress.

I will continue tomorrow night (or this night since we are already tomorrow) to implement the capability icon, and I will finally complete the display of information of the Carried Space Units lists.

And that will be done for this part. I will not work on the Unified Management Interface to display the list of space units, since for now it is irrelevant because they are all located on orbit of the same orbital object and cannot move.

So After this, I will work on the last part of this 0.6.16 which is about adding assets; icons, 2D pictures and production infrastructures. That will certainly be a change vs coding 🙂

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