[dev notice] Orbits Panel WIP (screenshot for the October 23 work)

The screenshot is from the work of yesterday. Today I also have day off, in fact I’m in holydays for the entire week and I think I will continue to work full time on FARC until Friday at least. Anyway, enough ranting:

The redish square is the HTML hint, extra informations are given when the mouse over the space units.
The Geosynchronous list is empty because the is no space unit in geosynchronous orbit in the test play session. I will add something to specify to the player this fact when it happens.
Of course the player will be able to resize the panel, it’s in fact already the case.

Today I implementing the following behaviors;

  • right mouse button on an item invoke a dynamic popup menu to set up a mission.
  • left mouse button select an item but also will invoke the SPU Quick Pad.
    I will construct the pad itself. It will contains all the information the player had access when a 3D object of a space unit was focused in the 3D view (attitude, mission parameters, current deltaV, remaining reaction mass, all the capabilities the space unit has, like carrying other space units). Also it will be possible to set up a mission via quick acces with buttons. It could be seen as redundant but better to have more than one way. Especially since it’s core user’s interface.

In the future I will implement a drag and drop between these two lists, thus it will be possible to set up a Change Orbit mission in a fast and simple way instead than only doing it via button or popup menu.

Once done, the action of the space units will be done and I will implement the Planetary System List to browse directly the orbital objects of the current planetary system in the 3D view. In the future it will also be used to set up certain missions (like Interplanetary Transit). It’s why I will not implement it in the Unified Management Interface, it would be a little bit heavy. The UMI will be kept to manage certains elements at the highest level like the space units of the whole faction, the faction itself and its socio-political matrix, the research & development, the memetic engineering and war, and so on…

I will post a final screenshot when the work on the Orbits panel will be fully completed.

That’s all, thanks for your interest for this Slower Than Snail project! :]

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