[dev notice + screenshots] fixed: 3D Bugs from Changes + Universe Fully Updated + Ongoing Work on the UI

From the previous post:

I have also a good amount fo bug after these changes, part of it because I need to complete data in the XML files.

Now I working completely on the interface, so on the Orbits and Planetary List panels (that will list all the orbital objects and the central star).

I finally fixed my bugs in the 3D after all the changes I made, mainly because I deleted a “bit too much” of lines of code a “bit too fast”… my bad hehe :$
Anyway all is working again now.

With the universe; I fully updated all the orbital objects in the game with their deltaV data for low and geosynchronous orbits. I already did the integration of these data in the code but I had to update the entire universe (at least the only planetary system present… for now) with calculated values.
As a reminder, these deltaV values indicates a generic velocity when a space unit is either in low or geosynchronous orbit. These are calculated according to real formulas.

Even if FARC did crash/exception stopping, I also worked on the interface of the orbits panel by integrating all the text entries for all the equatorial/polar orbits (for low orbits) and all the geosynchronous orbits.
That wasn’t an exciting part (and it took a fair amount of time) but it had to be done.
So now I can continue to work on the panel itself. A crop shot of the crude Work-In-Progress is below:

My objective is to flesh out the display, add personalized hints with wealth of informations (when the player over the mouse cursor over a space unit), add a popup menu (actionable with the right mouse button), and finally add a SPU Quick Pad (actionable with the left mouse button) that will also display the information that was displayed in the 3D view when a 3D space unit was focused and also it will contain quick action buttons (for the data sheet and missions).
Above the lists, the surface with the details of the equatorial and polar orbits will be displayed. I will use pictures like the one below (final picture):
That’s all for now. Tomorrow is a holyday for me so I will work on FARC from 9AM to about 8/9PM.

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned.

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