OpenGL Memory Leak Fixing DONE + Working On Orbits

  • 3D:
    • [WIP => DONE] fix: pre-generate the satellites in the same manner as the non-sattelites are pre-generated. It prevents a big memory leak when the scene is refresh with a new set of data.

The memory/video memory leak is fixed.

Now I started the work on the low/geostationary orbits, including updates of the 3D HUD and interface to display them and allow a easy browsing of the space units in orbits.

The days of the old way, with doubful shortcut keys and crude browsing of the space units, are counted.

I will also work, in the same time, on the point about remplacing the 3D side of the space units by their 2D counterpart, with of course the multi-orbits support.

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