OpenGL Memory Leak Fixing + Full Time Dev Days

  • 3D:
    • [New: WIP] fix: pre-generate the satellites in the same manner as the non-sattelites are pre-generated. It prevents a big memory leak when the scene is refresh with a new set of data.

I will finish to fix this memory leak tomorrow. The side-effect of this fix will be that the scene will load a bit faster for the subsequent times beyond the first one when it is initialized, since there will be far less object creation/removal.

If I say tomorrow, it is because I will work full time on FARC this Wednesday… Thursday and… even Friday hehe. It is because I’m in holyday for the whole week. Today I would only have about 5 hours of development on this game, which is better than nothing. But I will try to do more the next 3 days.

Anyway, enough of ranting about Time, let’s back to work 🙂

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