Dev Notice for 0.6.16 Alpha 10 + Dev Day (Tuesday)

The work to complete the Alpha 10 continues. For this new version I will work on:

  • fixing the memory leak in the creation of a 3D scene, due to bad code with the generation of satellites.
  • adding a full and definitive implementation of Low and Geostationary Orbits, including changes in 3D and user’s interface.
  • removing the 3D space units and replacing them by 2D counterparts (icons) + updating the Unified Management Interface to permit the player to see the list of its space units and to be able to set mission orders directly from it.
  • adding assets: 2D pictures, icons and new infrastructures.

Nothing very major, but some changes that will set in a definitive way some specific parts of the main user’s interface.

Of course additionally to it I will also continue to bug fix the code and improve the user’s interface already present in the game.

I will also do some design work since I must regroup the notes of the Weather and Geophysics System (WEAGES) and finalize its design. This system is planned to be implemented for the 0.6.17 version of FARC.

Tomorrow is a holyday for me and I will work full time on the dev, I hope to work a good 8h on it.

That’s all, have a great Tuesday!

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