Short Notice: Conversion / Assembling / Building of Infrastructures Updated & Fixed + Knowledge Base Integration

Sorry for the time without news, as usual anything takes more time.

Anyway, I had to totally fix the interface and code to assemble/build infrastructures. It was buggy, and for some reason, the build part was incomplete.
It is now fully working and of course all the last changes with infrastructure levels and size index are implemented.

I also reworked the formulas to calculate the assembling/building durations. It is a bit more realistic, or a bit more coherent at least. The old formulas were a stack of strange and convoluted elements…

Back to topic of the third step to complete, the old user’s interface of the encyclopedia is now fully removed and the code is cleaned from FARC.
The web interface of the Knowledge Base is fully operational, since yesterday night, and I only have to complete the linking between the elements of interface in the game that were linked with the old encyclopedia.
As a reminder, even if this Base is a web structure, it is present in the game under its offline form, through a clone of the one located on
I know, we are in 21st century, but FARC will stay a offline game (outside of its updater).

That’s all, I hope to complete the changes tonight after my job, or tomorrow.

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