0.4 completed, 0.4.1 on the way

With 9 days of delay, regarding what was planned, the 0.4 is now complete.

I begin the 0.4.1 right now, this sub-version will include help texts, user’s interface refinement and additional memes/policies, after that i’ll begin the 0.5 with the infrastructures and production system (a big part, more than the previous major versions).

I don’t make an “official” release for the 0.4 since there’s help texts and memes/policies missing, i’ll do for the 0.4.1 including an installer.

2 thoughts on “0.4 completed, 0.4.1 on the way”

  1. Hey I gave it a download and here are some comments:

    Worked well without the installer right out of the box. Presentation (graphics/ui etc) is very professional and polished. The atmosphere feels pretty cool (seeing the planet and the sun in the background), very nice textures for the planet.

    Very badly needs a step by step tutorial (EG: Press a (or s or whatever it is) to select your space ship then click here to deploy a colony module thingie (this is about as far as I got) then click blab blab to construct etc etc. Maybe some kind of a drop down list to see other objects that can be intereacted with? EG: planets, colony ship, etc). I tried to use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out, but couldn't.

    I see that in another version you'll be including more help docs, so I'll be looking out for that.

  2. Thanks for the comment Chaosavy 🙂

    There will be no tutorial before the beta, i prefer to complete the core modules of the game before, sorry.

    For orbital objects/space units list it will be done in the unified interface
    You can see already the list of your colonies in the unified interface (by hitting F3), in the 0.4.1 i'll implement a double click on the list to focus the colony in the 3d view.

    For the zoom its middle mouse button + mouse move, i'll try to use again the wheel scroll but the last time wasn't very satisfying.

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