COMPLETION: Policy Enforcement Process

The process for enforce a policy is now done, it’s the first step of enforcement which has 2 steps:
1/ The policy enforcement: which generate the result of the enforcement, as you can see on the 2 examples screenshots belows:

Description text before the enforcement in case A

Description text before the enforcement in case B

The text try to give an idea to the player of the result of the enforcement in case of a 50% probability before he/she applies the policy.

2/ The enforcement processing: occurs when the player click on Enforce Policy, it gives the enforcement result, the possible penalties and the policy duration.
At this step, if the policy is accepted or even reject the player can chose Enforce or Retire Policy. This last choice is useful when a policy isn’t well accepted by the population and allows to avoid too harsh penalties for enforce it, even if in some cases to retire a bad received policy occurs some penalties too.

Penalties only concerns the Cohesion data of the colonies.
You can see this step 2 in the 2 following screenshots:

The Enforcement result for the case A

The Enforcement result for the caseB

 It can seems to be complicated but it’s not the case, the extra step 1 is only for help the player to avoid some mistakes by enforce bad received policies.
That’s all for now ๐Ÿ™‚